Safety Tips

Safety Tips for Successful On-line Interaction with Sacred Love

Sacred Love believes that those who decide to use our site will likely understand that it is intended for serious, real individuals and couples who want to truly find their love match or improve their existing relationship. However, just like when you meet anyone you decide to date or becomes friends with in the “offline world,” you must also trust your own judgment and consider whether or not this person is right to interact with by your own reasoning while visiting our site.

Please also note that we do not do background checks— criminal or otherwise-- on any of the people signing up for our site and unfortunately people do sometimes misrepresent themselves in their profiles, whether single or as a couple, and we have no control over that. That is why your own discernment is essential.

Here are some rules and safety tips to also keep in mind:

1.Be a legal adult, meaning 18 years or older, when you sign up for or use this site.

2.Always be honest and respectful of both yourself and others when using this site.

3.Do not send any nude pictures or explicitly sexual messages to anyone on this site. We help people with finding real love and improving intimacy in a tasteful, respectable way, not a pornographic style, ever.

4.Do not cyber-stalk, harass, or keep responding to someone who has asked you not to interact with them.

5.Follow your instincts— if someone contacting you from this site doesn’t feel right or is asking you inappropriate questions, please do not keep responding to them and report the problem to us right away.

6.Do not give out money or financial assistance or do any type of personal transactions (like accepting shipped merchandise) from anyone who asks you over an e-mail from this site— and especially if you have never met them in person.

7.Be careful of how much personal information you share about yourself when you first interact with someone new on this site. Use the “less is more” approach until you get to know them a bit, then decide how much you can share with them as time goes on. And keep your phone number private until you are sure you want the person to have it.

8.Talking on the phone before you meet someone is a very good idea, however, before you exchange numbers make sure you know when it is a good time to contact each other and that if it doesn’t work out you both agree not to keep calling.

9.If you prefer to use video communication through an avenue such as “Skype” to both see and talk to someone before you meet, make sure when you set up your webcam you do not have anything in the background that could give your new acquaintance a way to find out details about your identity (like where you live) or see something that you may wish not to reveal to them just yet— such as your “dirty laundry pile” on the bed. Treat your first “webcam date” as if you were going to meet them offline, in person, and make a good first impression.

Tips for Your First “Offline, In person” Date

Once you know you are compatible with someone you’ve been e-mailing and hopefully talking with over the phone or webcam, then the next logical step is to meet them in person for your first date to see if you have chemistry together.

Have fun, but also remember to:

1.Meet in a public place, preferably still during daylight, where there are lots of people around. A popular coffee house or hot lunch spot is great for first dates.

2.Be responsible for your own way of both getting to and from the date— meaning having your own vehicle or plan to take public transportation. It is never a good idea to get into a stranger’s car, even if you think you already know a lot about them.

3.Let someone know about your date and check in with them at an agreed-upon time later that day or night so they know that you’re safe (and can hear the details!).

4.It’s also a good idea to discuss ahead of time how you may want to pay for the date—that way no one gets stuck with a large expense that they may not have been planning on.

How to Report a Concern to Sacred Love

We take safety and the positive experience of our Sacred Love community members very seriously. If you would like to report a concern or suspected misuse of our site, please contact us at We will then look into the matter and take the appropriate steps for dealing with it.