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Sacred Love Members are people who are ready for a more passionate and meaningful love life, just like you. Start by picking your favorite-or favorites- and begin receiving Sacred Love's inspiring, empowering relationship services to create your best relationship now!

1. Sacred Love Connections, or Silver Level, gives you immediate access to our unique Sacred Love Singles On-line Dating Service and exciting Sacred Love Couples Connection Services and social networking platform.

Online Dating

You can use our Sacred Love on-line dating portal to find your perfect match. After signing up you will instantly be able to view profiles of attractive and fascinating men or women who share the same desire you have, which is to create a rich, passionate, and meaningful relationship. Hundreds of thousands of women and men both near and far are waiting to meet you, who are ready for Sacred Love, so what are you waiting for?
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You can use our exciting and playful interactive couple's platform created just for the two of you to revitalize your relationship and have more fun all day long interacting with your partner. You will be able to create your own page -think a facebook page for the two of you as a couple. You can keep your profile page private to interact with your partner. Couples activities include sending love notes, playing games, planning romantic dates, sending virtual gifts, and fostering more meaningful communication, shared time together and loving intimacy throughout your day. And if you want to develop new friendships with other couples in the Couples Connection Social Network, you can! Just search out other members and share your couple's page with them.
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Guide to Relationships

2. Love Spa Services, or Gold Level, gives you immediate access to experience our entire "Love Spa Menu," which includes fun, informative audio/visual media services for improving your dating and relationship success. Experience step by step guided love lessons, relaxing confidence-boosting guided meditations, and visually compelling intimacy techniques to help you rejuvenate, grow, and experience more love and intimacy than ever before.

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3. Empowered Relationships TV, or Platinum Level, is a brand new Sacred Love web channel dedicated to bringing you inspiring TV shows and interactive conversation about love, relationships, and intimacy. Our first TV series, Empowered Couples, features amazing, real-life couples who share their relationship secrets for success. Watch these personal relationship stories of both challenge and celebration unfold. Then join in the chat room to discuss each episode and share your own relationship stories.

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4. Ultimate Level Membership - Can't decide which of the three membership options are best for you? Then sign up for the Ultimate Level - The All Inclusive Sacred Love Membership - that includes all three- Silver, Gold and Platinum levels! That way you can have access to all of the Sacred Love services - Singles On-Line Dating or Couples Connection Services, the Love Spa audio/ visual menu, and Empowered Relationships TV shows whenever you want!