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Need quality relationship advice but a relationship therapist is out of the question?

Many people do.

To help, we've put together a high quality relationship inspiration and advice email subscription for discerning individuals. 


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Here's a preview of what our "Love Quotes and Tips" are all about.

Love Quotes and Tips are brought to you by internationally recognized relationship expert, Karinna Karsten, author of the best-selling book, Intimate Wisdom, the Sacred Art of Love. She frequently advises Celebrity A-Listers, entrepreneurs, artists and business professionals.  You'll have the chance to learn from the best in the love business. 


Wow Karinna, thank you so much, your messages during this year have been so profound and transformative...they seem to go to the core of inner love, partner love, and spiritual love and evolvement...I really appreciate receiving them everyday.


Karinna - Thank you for this absolutely wonderful advice.  I needed the reminder.

- Regards, Jen

Karinna - I've been a subscriber to your Daily Sacred Love Quotes for over a year.

Each morning I read your quotes as I arise from bed.  They have consistent positive impact.  Sometimes they are instructive.  Sometimes they are encouraging.  Sometimes they resonate with timely personal issues.  Always they are helpful.

While advice and counsel come from many sources, providing it from the context of love has been unparalleled in its effectiveness.


I just want to send a note to say, "thank you", for the daily thoughts.  They are a great reminder of how much I love and need to nurture my love for my wife.  I don't want to take it for granted!  Instead, we need to continue to nurture this special gift. 

- Jeff

I want you to know how much we both thoroughly enjoy these Sacred Love Quotes.  I forward them to my partner each day with my comments.  Thank you for your continual inspiration and support.

I am so excited to have learned this!  Thanks for all the advice.  

I just LOVE your daily Sacred Love Quotes!  Thank you for sending them!

Thank you Karinna!  I don't usually take time to acknowledge you for these quotes...  They are wonderful.

Thank you for your Sacred Love inspiration and vicarious journey through Europe.  Certainly places I want to visit.